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Small Moves are a Cheaper Alternative to Moving

Whether you are moving for a long or short distance, moving can be an arduous task; the only thing that helps to remedy this situation is preparation and more preparation. Moving companies have tried their best to lessen the stresses that come with moving. The good news is that there are companies that are offering small moves services. The following tips have been tried and tested and have proven to work best when dealing with small moves.

As usual, preparation is key, you need to know before hand, where you are moving to, how much it will cost you, what possessions are absolutely necessary that you take with you and in the same breadth what things you would have to leave behind as it would not be practical to carry them along.

1. Start parking one room at a time. If you are packing all the rooms at the same time, you will never finish and you will not even remember what you have packed. It is always important to be systematic; if you decide to start from the store room or the living room then start there and do not go into another room until you are through with that one. Decide what it is that you really need and leave what is not necessary.

2. Big items are the ones that take up the most space; therefore it is wise to really take a look at these items. This is where you separate the clutter from essentials; it may be difficult to do this but it is necessary. You do not necessarily have to throw away the things that you cannot take with you, you can give them to someone else or even hold a garage sale or eBay and make a little bit of money out of it.

3. You do not have to pay a full-load mover to transport all your large items; full-load movers are very costly. This would be an opportune time to contact a small move specialist. It is not known to many people but actually hiring a small moving company to transport your sofas or your furniture will cost a lot less than it would cost to hire a full-load mover. This is because they combine pickups in a particular area and transport multiple shipments at the same time to reduce costs. They offer a full service delivery, but at a much lower cost.

4. Most people, especially women are attached to their clothes but when you are moving, you have to stand firm and get rid of anything that you have not worn for over two years. There are many charities that would love to have them.

5. Clean up your house as soon as you have parked away everything. It is always a good idea to leave the house clean for the next tenant which is what you would expect from the person whose house you are moving to.

6. It is also a good idea to organize all you paperwork and your email and back-up all your files.
A move is a perfect time to de-clutter and re-organize your home and therefore you should take advantage of this opportunity; do not carry with you things that are unnecessary into your new home.

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