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Your Move Day Guide - Check list when doing self-moving

Your move day guide should be with all the while when laying out your plans and arrangements – moving can actually be a pleasurable experience with proper planning and resources. It is unlikely that you will need the full services of a moving company every time you move and self-moving is always a great option.

Your move day guide will explain that you will need to shop around for the best prices and service. In most cases, local companies tend to offer better rates than larger ones especially if the move is short. It is wise to get at least three quotes that to compare before making a decision on which company to go with.

The guide will give moving requirements when doing self-moving such as searching for a truck rental company, hiring the right driver, finding the right people to load and off load the truck, etc.

The majority of the moving companies out there can be trusted. However, there are some things to note prior to signing up and these need your attention before the moving day. First, it is important to ensure and confirm two days prior to moving that the truck of choice and the driver will be available.

Secondly, it is important to look at the contract agreement and go over it thoroughly, even the fine print. It is important that to understand the contract prior to signing it because failure to do so may lead to inconvenience and disputes on the moving day.

Find out what kind of truck is available and if the truck rental company does not have a truck that meets your specific needs, move to another company. Examine the truck carefully especially if you are moving over a long distance because although most of them are serviced regularly, confirmation is important to avoid disappointment during the moving day.

When doing self-moving, it is important to ensure that the people who will be assisting you to load and unload the truck are reliable and trustworthy since it is a fact that most thefts are by people who know you, what you have and where you live. They should be at both ends ready to assist and if it is possible, ask friends or family to do this.

Budget accordingly for the truck or trucks you will be using and keep in mind the fact that you are billed on an hourly basis, unless you have agreed otherwise. Be sure to prepare ahead of time as this will save you money and you will avoid being stressed.

Buy moving boxes and moving blankets and then pack on time and arrange to have all the utilities turned off. Make sure that any other details are taken care of ahead of time and be ready to go by the moving day – any hour wasted will cost you money.

Finally, go through the truck rental company’s policy on dispute resolution and insurance, this should be done before the moving day. Such guides are readily available online and offline.


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