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What is a Local Move?

What is a Local Move? A local move is an intestate move that involves a distance of not more than 100 miles. Unlike intrastate and interstate moves, a local move is usually billed at an hourly rate that is determined by the moving company. Billing is based on the overall weight and size of the client’s shipment.

In other instances, billing is based on the total distance between the location of origin and the final destination. When you decide to utilize the services of a moving company that is offering moving services, its agents will send you an estimator that will value your items and provide you with a free moving quote.

Such a quote will contain information about the type of services that the company offers, its charges and its address. Where the moving company does not offer you quotes, it will provide you with a predetermined price that will help you to determine the exact costs of the services that it provides.

The predetermined price will usually be in writing together with the actual contract detailing out the terms and conditions of the agreement entered into between you and the moving company. Once you have signed a contract with the moving company, its agent will carry out a pre-move survey.

Such a survey will be carried out by experts who will visit your home, estimate the total value and weight of your items. A moving truck together with helpers will then be sent to your home.
The amount of money that you will be required to pay to the agents of the moving company will be based on the actual size of the van during the local move. Packing of your items will be conducted based in the hour.

You can let the helpers to assist you to pack your items on the moving truck during the local move. Alternatively, you can seek the services of fast packers that are equally experienced to assist people with their packing needs.

During the local move, the agents of the moving company will gather all your items and categorize them into groups. The delicate items will be wrapped in bubble wrap and put in special boxes. The non breakable ones will also be collected together and placed in a separate box.

The boxes will then be numbered and an inventory taken of them. The agents will then create a packing list and provide you with a certified copy containing information about the number of items that you have, their physical condition at the time of packing and their total value.

You will be required to verify this information with the one contained in the inventory list that was given to you during the pre-move survey. Sign the copy from the agents only when the details tally.

Now comes the shipping stage. Your items will be picked and loaded onto the moving truck. If you have perishable goods, these will be put in the refrigerator to prevent them from getting spoilt. All delicate items will be placed in special compartments and the journey to your new found home will begin.

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